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The holidays are fast approaching (seriously, they’re like 3 weeks away!) and if you’re anything like some of us you may have waited a bit too long to get started – we get it, this year has been a wild one! To help, we created this holiday gift guide so you can find the perfect gift the vapers in your life!

Vaping Gift Guide

A Starter (or Level Up) Kit

If you’re Secret Santa is just getting into vaping, a starter kit can be a great gift! A kit will have everything that someone needs to start. But, there kits aren’t just for vape noobs! A starter kit can be just what someone needs to take their experience to the next level! With all the individual components and upgrades out there, getting someone a starter kit takes the guess work out and gives them a totally upgraded experience. 

A starter kit should have:

  • A Tank
  • A Mod
  • Coils
  • Charger/Cables
  • Spare parts

Tasty Vape Juice Treat

There are, no joke, tens of thousands of different vape juices out there on the market. There’s likely to be a juice that matches the giftee’s favorite dessert! Finding a flight of fancy desserts is something your vaper with a sweet tooth is sure to love!

All in One Convenience

A big part of the hobby for some is having an elaborate vape rig – but that isn’t the case for everyone! That’s why a pen-style vape device is a great gift for many vapers. It is the ultimate option in convenience and portability 

The DCA 510 Vaporizer Pen Kit fits the bill perfectly here. It’s a neutral look with no ostentatious logos, an upgraded battery, no buttons for easy operation and fully rechargeable battery.  It lasts up to 300 puffs on a single charge, just inhale whenever and wherever you want!

The DCA Kit has everything you need in a simple, sleek package.

A Case or Sleeve

A lot fo the fun of vaping is in the customizability of the rigs, the personality you get to put into your device. Find a sleeve or case for the vape rig they have that fits their personality, this can be difficult with all the different options available so you’ll have to do some homework! But with so many options comes the possibility you’ll find the exact right thing. Cases and sleeves are a great gift option if you’re looking for something a bit less expensive or as an add-on to another gift.

A Custom Stand

It can be incredibly difficult buying specific components for someone who is already deep into this hobby and lifestyle. So what do you get for someone who has their rig fine tuned just the way they like it? A beautiful stand to display and hold it! Look for a crafter on Etsy or around the web making custom stands in a wealth of different materials. Through the internet all things are possible! The beauty of a custom handmade stand is that it will always get use and you don’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll like it – it’s a beautiful piece to display hold their rig which they put so much care into – it will be appreciated!

The Gift Card

Still unsure? Well, there’s always the almighty Gift Card and while most folks might not like to admit it, it’s a perfectly great gift to receive because it puts the power in your hands. It might not be the most personable gift, but it can still get the best use – no doubt. Plus who doesn’t enjoy a little shopping spree!

One of the best things about this hobby is just how varied it is! There’s millions of different juices and thousands of pens and components to customize and make the experience just what you want it to be. That also means when it comes to gift giving there’s a whole world of awesome possibilities. 

We have plenty of great pieces here at DC Alchemy including starter kits, disposable pens, and more.

Happy Gifting!