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Following November and the incredible elections across the country a lot of the political future is changing! In September we took a little time on the blog to discuss a then upcoming ballot measure that would legalize recreational marijuana use in Arizona, now, 3 months later how have things shaken out? 

First, let’s be clear. Here at DC Alchemy, we do not condone or support illicit substance use or abuse. Marijuana is an interesting case because it is in so many different categories across the country. Some places it’s decriminalized, others only medicinal use is legal. Still others have harsh penalties for the use and possession of it. Take that  with the fact that CBD and THC vapes are a popular option out  there for those who are able to do so legally and safely it’s clear why we take a particular interest in the discussion.

So, with that out of the way, let’s talk about where we are now in the world of legalization.

Marijuana Legalization in the 2020 Election

Alright, coming out the other side of this historic election four new states have approved ballot measures to begin the legalization process in their state.

  • Arizona
  • Montana
  • South Dakota
  • New Jersey

While Arizona, Montana, and New Jersey had already had medicinal marijuana legalized, recreational marijuana hadn’t made that leap – until now! South Dakota did a rare move and legalized both medicinal marijuana and recreational in the same measure – most states thus far have dipped a toe into it with medicinal marijuana first, then revisiting the topic over several years, making for a multi-step process to full legalization.

Each state’s specific laws are different on how the legalization will work, and now they begin the task of rolling it out following the measure enacted. In Arizona that means the state government and Department of Health is now taking the steps to roll out a licensing structure.

These four states join 11 other states and the District of Columbia where marijuana is now fully legalized. A majority of states have some version of medicinal marijuana legalized and/or marijuana decriminalized, with just Idaho, Wyoming, Kansas, Tennessee, Alabama, and South Carolina having no measures approved, with marijuana staying fully criminalized and illegal.

Why the Push for Legalization?

It’s not necessarily that there is a new found push, it’s more that the environment is ready for it. The pro-legalization camps are better funded, the voters across America have a better understanding of the platforms and potential benefits legalization can have on their state’s economy, (especially after the last year we’ve lived through!)

A great write up from CNN Business lays out the case for why more states may legalize marijuana in 2021. Broadly speaking? To serve as a needed boost to the economy.

It’s Not Just About Legalization and the Economy

These measures being rolled out aren’t just for boosting the economy, although that is surely a big reason for a lot of the states. It also means beginning to release and pardon those with minor drug charges and offenses. In Nevada alone, over 15,000 people have been pardoned  for carrying less than an ounce of marijuana.

That’s thousands of people whose lives are going to be better. Period. The good that legalization is doing, both for people and economies is going to have huge impacts going forward! 

If you live in a state that has recently legalized recreational marijuana you can get the experience you’re looking for without the harsh smoke when you use a safe and smooth vape like DC Alchemy’s Vape Pens. For all those looking to enter the marketplace, make sure you’re getting the highest quality CCELL cartridges at the best price to make your business as profitable as possible!