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This month on the DC Alchemy blog we have talked a lot about what kinds of things can go into a vaporizer, from our article earlier this month outlining what is vaping to our last entry talking the potential for DMT and vapes. This time we are going to discuss vaping without nicotine! 

That’s right, one of the most commonly thought of reasons for vaping in the first place is for former smokers, looking to decrease the amount of tobacco they use and using nicotine based vape juice to wean them off of the ‘hard’ stuff (cigarettes, cigars, etc.) 

But vaping isn’t just for former smokers! There are plentof people out there who enjoy a good vape, those who like to sample flavors, people who like to build the rigs, and of course, folks who like to rip chunky clouds. For those folks, nicotine isn’t necessary, and instead they can enjoy vaping without nicotine.

Can I Vape Without Nicotine, Is It Safe?

Oh, 100%! If you’ve never smoked cigarettes or other tobacco products before, there’s no reason to vape with nicotine at all. It’s addictive stuff and if you’re not already addicted and working to wean yourself off, well, no reason to start now! 

What Can I Vape?

You might be wondering, well if there’s no nicotine what exactly can you vape? No worries! Vape juice is made up of two components: propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Both of these are considered safe for inhalation. The nicotine is added to these bases to make it vape-able, but instead of nicotine you can stick to just having flavors instead.

Can I Vape Water?

Hmm… Well, while you could, you really shouldn’t. Water has a low boiling point than the traditional vape juice, if you were to put water in your vaporizer you’d get boiling water and inhaling that is not a good idea.  Water also can cause corrosion to your vape rig, damaging the parts like the coils. This can make it incredibly dangerous to then try and vape with later. 

So, vaping water? Don’t do it.

What About Just Flavored Vape Juice? 

Vape juice comes in absolutely astounding numbers of flavors, blends, and types – including without any nicotine! So for you folks not interested in nicotine, fret not, there are a ton of options for you!

If you’re looking more for flavor, go for the PG juices. If you want to rip chunkier clouds, use a juice with higher VG levels.

Can I Use My Standard Vaporizer?

Absolutely! Whether you are using your vape pen for nicotine infused vape juices or just flavorful blends, your standard vaporizer can do the job! Just make sure you don’t try to use any water!

Looking to get started in the hobby? You can get everything you need right here from DC Alchemy! We’ll see you next time on the blog, until then if you have any questions about Wholesale CCell Cartridges, battery packs or anything in between don’t hesitate to reach out!