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This time on the DC Alchemy blog we’re going to look at something a little different, it might not be the serious hard hitting info you have come to expect from us, but it’s a fun part of our community. This time on the blog, A DC Alchemy How To: Vape Tricks!

How to: Vape Tricks – Beginner

Alright if you’re just learning the ropes it’s best to master a few beginner, bronze tier vape tricks before spending all your time trying to go platinum! Mastering the basics in these beginner tricks will help you step up.

The Ghost

The Ghost goes by many names, including the Mushroom Cloud or the Snap Inhale. Putting it simply the trick involves blowing a cloud of vapor and then sucking it immediately back in. It’s a simple enough trick for beginners to get cracking on and experience some success!

  • First, take a drag from your vape allowing the vapor to hang in your mouth, don’t fully inhale. 
  • Push the vapor out of your mouth, keeping a ball shape, in a short round burst.
  • Quickly inhale the vapor back into your mouth!

When done correctly you’ll see a wisp of vapor as it’s inhaled in the final step giving it the name, The Ghost.

Mastering this trick will help you begin to master the crucial skills in any vape trick, controlled breathing both in inhaling and exhaling.

The Dragon

Ready to get real Westeros when you vape? The dragon is a new take on a classic trick.

  • First, take a long drag on the vape pen. Again, make sure you’re keeping the vapor in your mouth and the top of your throat, not inhaling fully.
  • Create a block in the middle of your mouth, either touching the middle of your upper and lower lips or by pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth.
  • Exhale through your nose and mouth
  • Demand the little Hobbit to show himself, because you look like Smaug the Great and Terrible!

The key thing to practice here is inhaling as much vapor as you can (again, not fully inhaling) and the shape of your lips or position of tongue to create the four distinct flows of vapor. With a little bit of practice you’ll be able to master this one quick!

Mastering the Dragon will help you begin to really understand how the shape of your mouth and the proper positioning of your lips and tongue can cause the clouds you’re exhaling to change shape and behave differently.

vape trick the dragon

Take it Up a Notch – Intermediate

There are a ton of vape tricks that can fall into the intermediate range for skills. We’ll cover just a couple of them to get you started.

The French Inhale

Perhaps the most well-known smoke trick, the French Inhale involves the gentle floating of the smoke (or in this case vapor) drifting upwards along the face and being inhaled through the nose. Sometimes called an Irish Waterfall.

First, take a good sized rip and get a large amount of vapor into your mouth. Move your tongue to the back of your mouth to trap it.

Slowly  open your mouth to allow the vapor to flow out, you’re not exhaling. As you do so, move your tongue from the back of your mouth to the front, pushing the vapor out, slowly.

Now inhale through your nose, sucking the vapor through your nostrils as it leaves your mouth.

This is a little tricky, getting the right speed of inhaling and pushing the vapor out takes a bit of practice but when you get it you’ll have mastered a classic!

The Ring

Another classic of smokers for years, blowing a ring, continues to be a popular trick amongst vapers. You might think that this trick must be easy since it’s so common but that’s not the case at all. Plenty of people just recognize the joy and fun of it that they master the necessary skills. Here’s what it entails.

  • Take a drag on your vape pen. As always, do not inhale the vapor into your lungs, you want to try and bring in as much vapor as possible into your mouth.
  • Create an O shape with your mouth. Place your tongue flat against the bottom of your make, shaping your lips.
  • Using your throat, exhale and push the vapor out of your mouth.

This is trickier than you’d think but that’s okay. You’re here to figure out how to practice and master it! Once you’ve mastered the basic ring, you can start adding some variation to it creating spin or making for larger (or smaller) rings. You’ll be blowing rings like Gandalf in no time!

man blowing vape ring

The beauty of our bustling community is you can find even more info and how to videos out there on YouTube. If  one of these tricks is giving you a tough time there is an incredible wealth of resources out there to help you look pro! Don’t forget your pro rig and equipment! Find the best cartridges, batteries, and even entire kits here at DC Alchemy.