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How are the resolutions coming? Sticking to them? Well, welcome back to another entry here on the DC Alchemy blog – this time we have something a bit more fun for ya! Let’s take a look at some more vape tricks! Maybe put these into your NYR rotation and master a few more for 2021! So rip some chunky clouds and let’s go!

More Vape Tricks to Stunt On 2021!

A few of these tricks are going to change your entire game. Make sure you’ve mastered the basics though, as all of these are taking them to the next level!

The Tornado

This is one of the easier tricks that require your hands to master so let’s start here. The basic idea is to create a huge cloud and use one hand to manipulate it into swirling like a tornado. Yeah, it’s pretty rad!

Note: You need a flat, sturdy surface to work with so don’t try this in the car!

First, stand or sit in front of the table. Take a good drag on the vape, beng over and place your mouth very close to the table (no need to touch it though!)

Then, slowly exhale the vaper, this is to create a dense, contained coud

Practice making that dense cloud because it’s crucial for the tornado to work correctly.

Now, extend your hand into the center of the cloud, quickly raise it up. The movement in the air from your arm  should catch the vapor and bring it up in a tornado! If at first you don’t succeed, keep at it! It’ll take a few tries to get your vapor cloud the right density and your hand/arm moving the right speed. Keep at it and you’ll have it in no time!


Here’s another one that requires the use of your hands!

First – Master the Ring. No, seriously, you have to have the ring nailed for this next level evolution of it!

Ok, now for real…

First, exhale a ring of vaper.

Then quickly, push it with one hand, tapping one side of the ring to bend it inward, creating a triangle.

The timing is critical here, so be prepared to practice relentlessly to get it down right. Like the tornado you’ll need to figure out the timing and hand work that works best for you.

Once you’re blowing triangles you can start incorporating them into other tricks to elevate the whole thing!

The Lasso or Jellyfish

How about a trick to honor our Arizona roots? With the lasso you’ll be a vape ripping cowboy in no time!

The basics of the lasso is this,  blowing two rings to create the illusion of a lasso (or a jellyfish depedning! Here’s how.

First, blow a larger, thick ring. The bigger the better!

Then, expand the ring, pushing it quickly with your hand.

Blow a smaller ring in the center of the first, larger ring. 

As the small ring moves through the large one, the momentum should cause the second ring to break apart a bit, with on end joining the larger ring and the other end trailing behind.

This one is definitely more complicated than many tricks as it requires the right control and speed for multiple O’s and then some.

The Jellyfish variant of this trick is for the two rings to not break apart but for the speed difference between the two rings to mimic the silhouette of a jellyfish. The second, smaller ring you’ll blow through the first larger one, which will bull the first ring larger and then pass through it.

It’s complicated, and it’s a crazy advanced trick but when you master it? Woo! You’ll feel like a champ!

We’ve talked vape tricks on the blog before, so if you’re looking for some more potential moves or if you’re a beginner check that out! 

Ready to upgrade your rig or get a new kit? Head over to our products and check ‘em out! Until next time, practice those rings and do some sick tricks!