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One of the number one New Year’s Resolutions every year for millions of folks is quitting smoking, it’s right up there with diet and exercise! One of the best ways to quit smoking? Switch to vaping! This time on the DC Alchemy blog, we’re looking at how vaping is the perfect New Year’s Resolution!

Vaping  – Your New Year’s Resolution

Making the switch to vaping from smoking is huge! It can do so much for you as you cut out smoking, here are just some of the benefits that you can enjoy so long as you stick to it!

Better Smelling Clothes

Here’s a big one for folks in relationships (and anyone really), smelling better! Since electronic cigarettes and vapes make, well, vapor, they don’t have that long-lasting smell that accompanies smoke when it permeates everything. Switching from cigarettes or cigars will mean your clothes won’t hold on to that smoke and you won’t be smelling like an ashtray! 

You Can Vape Indoors!

Speaking of smell, remember your grandparents’ homes? That smell of years of smoking indoors? Everyone and their mom know it and that, in addition to the huge risks of secondhand smoke has made it so that smoking indoors is no more.  But vaping… Now that you can do almost anywhere, including many places indoors! This also means you can vape in the comfort of your own home, sat on your couch without worrying about that smell! 

Cleaner Teeth, Better Breath

You know what else gets better without smoke? Your breath! While your breath gets better, your teeth also don’t get the nasty discoloration either – vapor doesn’t stain teeth (or fingernails for that matter) that yellow hue smokers know so well. Vape and smile in confidence knowing your teeth are a-ok!

Better Flavors

Tobacco might be a favorite flavor of yours, but you don’t have to miss out when you switch to vaping! Plus you get access to thousands of other flavor profiles and juices to fit your mood at any given time! No matter how you slice it, vaping is a much more flavorful experience! 

Ashtray, Ashtray, Go Away!

Vape rigs don’t create any ash so you don’t have to be constantly near an ashtray or every risk mixing up a soda can ( *bleh!*) ever again! And no risk of burning your shirt!

Switching from smoking cigarettes to vapes has plenty more benefits, most of these were just being a bit fun and looking at the lesser obvious benefits. If you want to know more about why you should make that switch, read our blog on the differences between smoking and vaping.

Other Vaping New Year’s Resolutions!

If you’re already into vaping, there’s still a resolution for you! Try on one of these for size and see how it suits you!

Treat Yo’ Self With Premium Vape Juice

You already know just how huge the vape juice market it is, so why not give yourself only the best? Buying high-quality e-liquids will give you the best performance, the best ingredients, and the best experience. Treat yo’ self!

Lower Your Nicotine

If you’ve switched from smoking to vaping, it might be time to lower the amount of nicotine you’re taking in your juice – it’s the last thing tying you to smoking! Make it a New Year’s Resolution to lower your nicotine gradually, month over month til you’re not using any and you’re just enjoying the flavor and experience of vaping.

Support Local

This is so, so, so important especially after the kind of year 2020 was. Local vape shops need their local business to stay in business. Making a resolution to buy more from your local run business is doing your part to keep it afloat.

Care for Your Gear

For many folks, their vape rig is like their car or a pan. It’s a tool they use until it’s busted then they get a new one. But if you take care of your equipment over time and it will last you so much longer. Prevent your gear from wearing down and take care of it as it needs with regular maintenance! Your rig and your wallet will thank you! 

Whether your resolution is to quit smoking entirely and switch to vaping for the first time or you’re already vaping but you want to give yourself a better experience we hope these potential resolutions help out! These are far from the only resolutions out there, so if you think of something better don’t hesitate to make that your goal!

Welcome to 2021, let’s do this!