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Vaping, like smoking a cigar or enjoying a glass of wine is a pleasurable treat of life. It’s one of life’s pleasures. And just like smoking a cigar or enjoying a fine glass of wine, you can make it even more enjoyable through the proper pairing of vape and food or drink. Let’s talk “Vape Gastronomy!”

Vape Flavors

The first thing to dial in is what kind of flavor your vape is providing. Where cigarettes might dull your tastebuds and make anything but the most powerful tasting food taste like… nothing! That’s not the case with vaping thankfully and those who vape can enjoy their foods’ flavors, even enhancing them! The first step is to look at what vape flavor you’re going to have and use and then find the right food and drink pairing to go with it. Here are some of the possible combinations.

Wine Flavored Vape – Pairs with Cheese

Wine fans have long known the compatibility of wine and cheese, and wine-flavored vape juice is no different. If you’re a fan of sangria you’ll go for brie. Cheese, wine vape, and no hangover. What’s not to like?

Spirit Flavored Vape – Pairs With Meat

Maybe you’re more of a whiskey aficionado than a wine guy. You’re in luck! Steak pairs just as well with whiskey flavored vape juice as it does real whiskey, both bringing out the best in flavors from each other. Some folks prefer a sweeter taste to compliment your steak, in which case go for a sweeter spirit flavor like amaretto.

Coffee Flavored Vape – Pairs with Breakfast

Few things pair better with breakfast than a nice cup of joe. When you’re looking at something for breakfast and you have coffee vape go for a pastries like a croissant!

Fruit Flavors – Pairs with… Lots!

When it comes to vape flavors, fruit might just be the most common variety out there. You have literally thousands of different choices when it comes to fruit flavors, and thankfully there are plenty of great options to pair with it!

Did the thought of a nice cut of steak get your mouth watering? Find a blue- or blackberry flavor. Having a chicken dish? Look at your mango, banana, coconut or other tropical fruits. These also go great with seafood!

Would you rather have a less meat based pairing? Lucky for you salads can be improved with the right vape juice too! Flavors like apple or grape (or any other fruit that finds its way into a salad) can all combine well with a green salad.

Well, What About Dessert? 

Good question! You could always load up your ccell cartridge with a dessert flavor vape juice and call it a day but if you’re feeling real indulgent, and let’s be fair we all deserve a treat now and again, match your real dessert with a complementary vape flavor! Coffee is a classic flavor to balance the sweet taste of most desserts. When you’re trying to match your dessert, look at other typical flavor combinations and give them a shot! Mint vape and chocolate cake? 

The biggest thing about any of these pairings is to experiment! One of the best things about vaping is the sheer number of flavors out there and the different combinations you can make. Might be the best thing you’ve ever had! That’s the beauty of vaping as compared to traditional smoking – the flavor profile and your experience are completely within your control!