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The vaping industry is full of choices: from what device you prefer to use, to what oil you prefer to vape. For retail businesses, the same can be said. There are a plethora of options for wholesale orders, but few offer the same quality and none have the same low prices as DC Alchemy

What is Wholesale? 

Wholesale sells the products to businesses or outlets, instead of directly to a consumer. Wholesalers typically sell in large quantities at a discount price — bulk orders are often discounted based on the size of the order. In other words, the more you purchase, the less you pay per product. 

A wholesaler also has more control over shipping than a retailer, and can act as both a retailer for smaller orders, and a wholesaler for bulk orders.

Why Buy Wholesale from DC Alchemy 

As a business, DC Alchemy has a lot to offer. From premium branded and non-branded products, to customized branding, and same-day shipping, it can’t get much better than that. But, in DC Alchemy’s case, it does. They:

  • Provide premium CCELL cartridges wholesale at non-premium prices
  • Provide CCell products to local and national distributors
  • Laboratory tested and quality assured products
  • Same day shipping
  • Guaranteed the lowest prices on bulk orders over 500 items

When it comes to premium products, DC Alchemy CCELL products sleek design reduces leakage and improves flow. 

Better Pricing

Price-wise, DC Alchemy is one of the less expensive wholesale options available. We compared their CCELL TH 205 (.5 ml) with a black ceramic tip to three competing wholesalers (Marijauna Packaging, Solis Supply, Cartridge Supply) and found their price of $1.20/unit was anywhere between 30 cents to $2 less than the same product sold by other wholesalers.

Fully Tested

When it comes to testing, DC Alchemy is partnered with Cannasafe, which is the first accredited lab in the industry to test vaping products. 

Cannasafe looked into two products provided by DC Alchemy — one was a branded CCELL product, and the other was unbranded by DC Alchemy. The product was tested for arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. DC Alchemy’s hardware contained 0.337 micrograms/gram, which is below the 0.5 microgram/gram limit, therefore the hardware was approved. 

The CCELL product failed, as the lead concentrate was slightly above the safe amount, which is a known problem for many CCELL products. 

Same Day Shipping

Being a wholesaler, DC Alchemy has more control over when and where they are available to ship their products, hence their ability to distribute their products nationally and provide same day shipping. 

Custom Branding

DC Alchemy also provides customization on your product of choice, including laser-etched branding. That way, you can purchase premium vape and CCELL cartridges wholesale products that display your unique branding. 

DC Alchemy is able to customize vape cartridges, batteries, and syringes with laser-etched branding, as well as assist with logo development and MMJ packaging. 

Quality Product Selection

As mentioned above, DC Alchemy offers official CCELL products, and their own unbranded versions.


CCELLs are next-gen breath activated technology that are designed to last 250+ draws per charge. They work well with consistencies with extractions of various viscosity, especially those that are thicker. 

As you probably know, CCELL designs are wickless, which eliminates any burnt flavor caused by low-oil levels and hot wicks. 

The best vaporizers have metal housing, glass or acrylic tanks, and patented CCELL wickless coils — all of which are found in the CCELL products offered by DC Alchemy. 

As mentioned above, most CCELL products do not pass heavy metal testing due to higher levels of lead concentration. 

DC Alchemy Products

DC Alchemy products are the same quality as CCELL, but they are more affordable, do not have a brand label etched on them, and pass heavy metal testing. 

They are an online retail and wholesale store that works closely with retailers of all sizes to ensure quality, provide direct customer support, and keep your shop stocked. Because of their dedication to working with retailers, DC Alchemy offers the lowest prices on wholesale orders of 500 or more, guaranteed. 

However, non-CCELL products may not be compatible with their CCELL counterpart. As such, wDC Alchemy cannot guarantee functionality if you mix and match parts. 

The Takeaway

The biggest takeaway is that while DC Alchemy can get you the best deal for the best products on the market, whether it’s CCELL or not. Browse their shop today to see if DC Alchemy is the right wholesaler for you.