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Every day there are new people out there interested in trying out vaping, and it can be intimidating to head into a shop and try and ask all the questions they might have. That’s why we’re here! Welcome back to another entry here on the DC Alchemy blog, where we cover everything you need to know about vaping – from tools, tricks (literally), and tips. This time around we’re going to zoom way out and look at the concept of vaping as a whole, talking about the most basic steps and ideas for how to get into it and what to know. 

What is Vaping?

So, vaping is the verb, the action of inhaling vapor! It’s really as simple as that. Now what that vapor is, how it’s created, those can vary a bit.

A vaporizer, sometimes called a vape pen, electronic cigarette, or e-cig, is a tool that heats a substance (typically vape juice or oil) to its boiling point. When liquids and oils boil, they convert into vapor, which users can then inhale – thus vaping!

That’s putting it pretty basic, you can find a whole guide on how vaporizers work here!

What Do People Vape?

Good question! As you probably noticed, we talked about vape juice and oil. Those two terms are basically interchangeable and they refer to the same thing. This is the vaporizable liquid (or juice) that is loaded into the vape cartridges. This liquid is most often made up of two components: propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Both of these are considered safe for inhalation, but they’re not the main ingredient people are looking for. 

These are just the carriers for the other active ingredient – nicotine or THC. Attempting to use nicotine on its own wouldn’t work, it’s a crystalline substance rather than a liquid so it can’t be heated to a vaporizing point and vaped. So using these PG and VG carriers is necessary to deliver the desired substance into a vapable state.

Other things, such as natural or artificial flavoring agents can then be added to the juice, a sort of alchemy *wink wink* to give each person their each unique blend for a perfect vape.

In some instances you might come across products using MCT oil in the vape juice – this should be avoided. At the moment some research indicates that this kind of vape juice may cause an adverse health condition called lipoid pneumonia. Stick to the PG and VG vape juices as they’re safe.

How Safe is Vaping?

We mentioned the safety of vape juice (and the danger of using MCT oils) so it’s natural for your next thought to be the big one, ‘is vaping safe?’ There are a few different things to take into consideration when it comes to vaping safety. While vaping is without a doubt better for your lungs than smoking, many vape juices still have nicotine in them, which can have adverse effects on your cardiovascular system. A lot of the safety concerns come down to the makeup of the vape juice in question.

The lungs are incredibly delicate, sensitive structures. They’re made to intake air, and absorb it, feeding it to the rest of your body. Anything else going into your lungs isn’t natural (but so are most things we do on a day to day). While smoke is harsh and includes a ton of different substances and particles, vape vapor is water and some oils. 

However, many folks look to use vaping as a replacement for smoking and in doing so their vape juice is filled with nicotine. While vape enthusiasts have more control over the amount of nicotine they have, nicotine still can cause cardiovascular health concerns.

Is vaping the safest thing you can do? No, of course not. But it is leagues safer than traditional tobacco products and it comes with a level of individual control. That should provide you with comfort, as you are able to control exactly what you’re risking.

What is vaping but an enjoyable, relaxing, recreational activity. Like so many of those it has it’s own risks associated with it but you can do many things to ensure you’re having a safe experience. One of those? Buy only quality parts and tools for your vape rig, like our CCell cartridges that go through rigorous testing to ensure their quality and safety! 

If you’re looking to start your way in this hobby, take the proper steps and enjoy it responsibly. Reputable companies and shops will help you along the way to get the best experience. Welcome to vaping, have fun!