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A vape pen is almost exactly what the name implies – an object similar in size to a pen that can be used for vaping. It is a power source that heats up the vape tank or cartridge to produce vapor. They’re rechargeable, battery-powered, pocket-sized, and convenient for travel.

Vape pens were first introduced around 2010 from a company called Janty and they revolutionized the vaporizer market by offering longer battery life, longer running times and providing the ability to swap atomizers and cartridges.

Every vape pen is unique, but all of them generally have the following parts: a battery; a tank and atomizer, or pre-filled pod, that heats the e-liquid of your choosing; an indicator light to show the power; and a mouthpiece.

Today, vape pens are diverse to fit every users’ needs, whether it’s nicotine or derived from cannabis or hemp. DC Alchemy sells some of the top rated premium brands of vape pens. They are listed below.


If you’re looking for a premium experience, try DC Alchemy’s CCell products. CCells are wickless, which eliminates burning oil all together. If you’re tired of your e-liquid tasting burnt, a CCell product, such as the CCell Silo, may be perfect for you.

The Silo boasts 250 puffs per charge with a 550mAh Lithium Ion rechargeable battery and standard 510 threading. The ceramic heating element ensures a flavorful vaping experience.

It has a stealthy breathing LED indicator and an easy magnetic connection for vape cartridges. The kit comes with a charger and magnetic adaptors for cartridges.


Like the Silo, the CCell Palm has ceramic heating so your e-liquid will never taste burnt and nothing will go to waste. Users get 250 puffs per charge and enjoy the convenience of a rechargeable 550mAh Lithium Ion battery. It has standard 510 threading, a stealthy breathing indicator light and a magnetic connection for vape cartridges.

The main difference between the Silo and Palm is their design. The Silo is thinner and more discrete, while the Palm is designed to fit comfortably in your palm.


The Shatter Stix Premium is perfect for those that need to medicate on the go. It is available in two colors, black and white, and is discreet and portable. The improved button-less design is offers smoother hits and comes with a custom green LED light.

You get a sleek Pelican Case that fits in your pocket or purse. The logo is engraved on the 1ml cartridge and it has 510 threading.


DC Alchemy offers the second generation of the 510 Vaporizer Pen kit that has an upgraded battery for longer life, a cartridge with a concave bottom so nothing goes to waste, is buttonless and compatible with 510 threading.

The improved design lasts up to 300 puffs, is fully rechargeable, doesn’t have a logo, and has a red light that activates when you breathe in.

The kit includes the vape battery pen, a USB charger, one 510 reusable 1ml cartridge and a black snap carrying case.

A 510 thread vape pen the universal design for vape products and is sometimes referred to as an ego thread, according to Vaping Daily. The name comes from its size: they are 5mm in length and have 10 screw heads.


Vaping is a controversial topic in the media, leading to myths and misunderstandings forming about the topic.


    A vape pen, when used, charged, and cared for properly, is not a dangerous tool. They commonly carry a Lithium Ion battery, just like your cellphone and laptop, and you’re not worried about your phone or computer bursting into flames, are you? Just like your phone, if you properly maintain and charge your vape pen, it does not pose any risk to your health.

    Instances of explosions, or pens igniting, are extremely rare and are almost always caused by improper storage, tampering with the device, and improper charging methods. From 2015-2017, only 2,000 e-cigarette and vape pen users were sent to the hospital due to burns, according to CNN. Considering that the BBC estimates that 41 million people use vape products as of 2018, your odds of injury are extremely low — less than 0.0001%.

    The Food and Drug Administration recommends all users read and understand the manufacturer’s manual for recommendations on how to use and care for your vape pen. Such advice includes not removing or disabling safety features, charging your vape pen on a clean and flat surface and protecting it from extreme heat.


    Vape Pens are not e-cigarettes. While pens evolved from e-cigs, they are vastly different. A vape pen is rechargeable, can be refilled with the user’s choice product and does not have to include nicotine.

    A vape pen allows users to recharge, use their own e-liquid such as CBD oil, THC, medical marijuana or nicotine, turn the device on or off, choose their own flavor and customize them.

    E-cigs are one time use; they cannot be recharged, refilled or turned on or off. They typically look like a normal cigarette and are not customizable, nor do they allow users to change out the e-liquid. E-cigs are exclusively for nicotine consumption.

    For a side by side comparison chart of the two, visit Black Note.


    Vaping does not cause popcorn lung. A 2016 Harvard Study found the first instance of the condition in microwave popcorn factory workers due to them inhaling large amounts of the chemical diacetyl, which is found in some flavoring. Popcorn lung refers to a rare and irreversible condition that causes an airway obstruction.

    The study did not link popcorn lung to vaping, but health associations saw the connection, as most vaping products contain trace amounts of diacetyl, and widely publicized that vaping causes popcorn lung without any evidence.

    Additionally, diacetyl is also a common chemical in cigarette smoke as well, but a smoker has never been diagnosed with the condition.

    The fact is, vaping products do not contain enough diacetyl to cause popcorn lung, according to The Washington Post.


Vape pens are versatile, compact and can be customized to fit your needs. They are not dangerous to your health; they won’t explode or cause popcorn lung. They are not e-cigs. Vape pens are simply a portable way of medicating.

DC Alchemy offers a wide range of vape pens to support your needs. Shop with them today!