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Listen, the market is full of options. We get it! When you head into a shop and there’s rows and rows of vape pens, cartridges, and other accessories – all in a bunch of colors and styles it can be daunting! Have no fear, DC Alchemy is here! And this time, we wanted to give you some clear advice on how to shop for vape cartridges, what you should look for and understand about the process!

What to Look For in A Vape Cartridge

Firstly let’s run over what exactly a vape cartridge is.

Here’s a picture.

A vape cartridge (also known as vape cart) is a pre-filled glass or metal cartridge that contains either .5 grams or 1 gram of cannabis oil. The oil can be high in either THC or CBD — the choice is up to the consumer. 

Vape cartridges come in many forms: 510-threaded cartridges (the industry standard), as well as some proprietary forms. At DC Alchemy, you’ll find 510-threaded cartridges for easy compatibility and use.

If you’d like to know more we dive deeper here.

So, if that’s what a vape cartridge is, what do you need to know to choose one? Aren’t they all the same? Not quite!

Cartridges can have different widths of mouthpiece, length of cartridge, hold different volumes of oil within them, some are disposable while others are refillable! Each of these seemingly minor differences has an overall impact on the vaping experiences. 

The difference in mouthpiece width can is usually truly minor, in the .1mm of difference usually. This slight difference may affect comfort and mouth feel, which in turn could affect the kind of pull you get.

The length of the cartridge is a more obvious difference. Most cartridges hover somewhere around ~60mm but there are some that are as small as half that! There are two ways this would affect your vaping experience: comfort and the amount of oil able to be held. A longer cartridge will add to the overall length of your rig, so find the right size for your hand. It might take a few tries to find the perfect fit but when you do the comfort factor can’t be denied!

Before we get into the different volumes of oil, let’s talk about disposable vs. refillable cartridges! Disposable cartridges are a great option for those who are new to vaping, or just don’t want to worry about having extra components or hassle. There’s nothing wrong with that! But for those vaping enthusiasts who want to have the most control over their vaping experience, buying refillable is the way to go. It allows further customization of their oils and rig. Again, there is no winner here, just the better option for what you want.

Following on that, the different oil capacities in cartridges is valuable to know and understand regardless of whether you’re a disposable or refillable kind of person. If you’re going with a larger capacity cartridge  you’ll go through disposables a lot slower, and it will need less refilling if you choose the more do-it-yourself path. These larger capacities usually come in longer cartridges as well, which may or may not be what you’re looking for.

As you can see, each of these differences brings new pros and cons along with it but above all the key consideration is what you enjoy. You won’t know until you start trying and experimenting! Here at DC Alchemy we have a wide range of cartridges to choose from. Should you want to go the refillable route, we have you covered there too with premium Luer Lock and Cap syringe applicators to keep your carts filled.

Best Vape Cartridge to Buy Wholesale

For our readers who are looking to buy wholesale the choice is even easier: buy cartridges that work the best for the right price.

DC Alchemy provides premium CCELL cartridges and vape products at non-premium prices, direct to you. Our premium CCELL carts & vape tech mean less leakage and better customer satisfaction, all without the premium markup you’ll find with other distributors. As a leading wholesaler for CCELL style cartridges DC Alchemy specializes in working with businesses just like yours!

CCELL products are breath activated, and many are designed to last 250+ draws. They are specifically made for thicker distillates, but work well with consistencies with extractions of various viscosity.

CCELLs do not require a wick. They are built with larger holes to allow thicker and purer liquid to flow. They work by utilizing a ceramic heating element instead of cooking them on an exposed metal coil. This prevents the oil from burning and producing an unpleasant taste.

All of our products are laboratory tested, passing extensive heavy metal tests, and quality assured for your safety and shipped same-day from the United States.

And we offer the syringe applicators to fill them to boot!

Whether you’re an individual shopping for yourself or a wholesaler looking for a better product, DC Alchemy has you covered!