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As the United States begins to widen its boundaries on the recreational and medical marijuana industry there is a growing demand for more advanced products. With cutting-edge technology flower products have been pushed to the side as oils come to rise. While flower is the tried and true, the ease of using a high-potency CCELL cartridge is creating a lot of interest around oil extracts.

Over the years the industry has begun to notice that cartridge and pen technology has been based on e-cigarettes leading to poorly manufactured products that cause unnecessary leakage. Noticing a need for better hardware DC Alchemy has created a CCELL cartridge to ensure that users get the most out of every draw with no leakage. We are committed to giving customers and end consumers a premium product at non-premium pricing.

Here’s how a CCELL cartridge works and why they are so effective!


DC Alchemy has gone the extra mile and designed premium cartridges with a ceramic heating element that prevents the burning of oil and allows for an enhanced experience. Because high-quality extracts tend to be high viscosity oils, ceramic cell heating elements allow the oil to vaporize properly. The process in which the cartridge works is through inlet holes that allow heat to be evenly distributed throughout the oil. When using a CCELL cartridge consumers are able to experience a smooth draw that brings out the flavor with no harsh feeling afterward.


Most cartridges use cotton wicks that burn and ruin the flavor of the oil. Once a cotton wick has begun to burn each drag will taste more and more burnt. Who really wants to use a burnt cartridge with burnt cannabis when you pay premium prices? In an ordinary atomizer the coil resides on the surface of the wick causing inconsistent heating. DC Alchemy CCELL cartridges are premium wickless cartridges that allow heat to be absorbed and distributed evenly without burning. CCELL cartridges give you the ability to see improvement in consistency and flavor.


Because these are premium cartridges where burnout and leakage won’t happen you’re guaranteed to enjoy every drag! Using a CCELL cartridge you’ll never have to worry about trying to get your cartridge going – it will create a seamless start from the first draw you take to the very last. With fewer leaks there is more room for larger puffs. CCELL cartridges are created to vaporize the oils quickly and fluidly every time you use them. Forget cheaply manufactured products that require you to throw away your cartridge after the first few draws and provide your customers with our CCELL wickless cartridges .

Buy CCELL cartridges from a seller you can trust. A leader in the wholesale industry for CCELL cartridges, DC Alchemy is able to do same-day shipping with delivery in as little as 2-3 days. We are dedicated to providing you with premium hardware at non-premium pricing. We offer three styles of CCELL cartridges, multiple batteries, and custom branding to bring your ideas into reality!