When it comes to vaping, there are numerous products you can choose from. If you’re looking for the best flavor with sleek metal housing, a CCELL vaporizer will be your best bet. CCELLs are the newest and hottest vaping tech on the market and are believed to be the future of vaping. Their wickless design ensures there is no burning taste and their materials are top-of-the-line. So what do you look for when choosing a CELL vaporizer?

The best products have metal housing, glass or acrylic tanks, and patented CCELL wickless coils. A wick is now considered to be obsolete in the vaping industry; it used to function similarly to a candle by pulling oil down through the atomizer. Wicks often burnt the oil and left an unpleasant taste, however.

CCELLs do not require a wick. They are built with larger holes to allow thicker and purer liquid to flow. They work by utilizing a ceramic heating element instead of cooking them on an exposed metal coil. Some cheaper vapes have fiberglass wicks, which can burn and create inhalable carcinogens.

For tanks, glass and acrylic are always the better options. The material does not degrade when exposed to heat or cannabis oil. Plastic tanks will degrade overtime, thus exposing you to potentially harmful substances.

If you’re looking for a quality wholesale retailer for CCELL cartridges, look to DC Alchemy. All of their CCELL products have glass tanks, metal housing, and numerous products to choose from.

A quality CCELL is more than just the housing and tank, however. The battery, the draws, and the taste all factor into how to choose the best vape on the market.


The industry standard is to use a 510-thread battery, which is what you’ll find in all DC Alchemy products. The best brands of CCELLs calibrate their batteries to match the oil viscosity, which is why the battery is important. You will not have an ideal voltage level if your vape has been put together with random parts.

Just because the part fits, does not mean it should go with your vape! CCELL products are designed for thicker liquid, which requires batteries that reach a certain voltage. This way, the oil will be hot enough to flow and avoid jams, thus leading to cleaner draws.

Mixing and matching hardware together will not produce desired results.


Most disposable cartridges are designed to empty their tank before the battery dies. Always check the product description before you buy to see how long it will last you. A majority of DC Alchemy products will last 250+ draws.

Some CCELLs are rechargeable too! For an example, let’s look at DC Alchemy’s CCELL Palm Battery. It is micro-USB rechargeable and provides 250+ puffs per charge. It uses a Lithium-Ion battery and comes with chargers and magnetic adapters for cartridges.


Everyone has their own taste preference, but everyone who vapes desires the best draw out of their product. A draw is simply when you’re inhaling the vaporized oil; it’s the “sucking” action. A quality draw is one that is easy to do and comes with a good taste. It shouldn’t be a struggle to get the oil out of your cartridge — if it is, you could have an improper or dead battery, or a clog in your vape.

When it comes to the taste, a quality atomizer will not degrade the oil. It should never taste bitter, sour, or burnt and it should not hurt your throat or lungs. If it does, your heating element is probably running too hot. DC Alchemy CCELL products offer premium draws so the last one is just as good as the first.

A burnt taste is typically caused by a cheap wick, which will never occur with CCELLs. If your oil tastes synthetic, it’s probably low-quality or due to an additive.


When it comes to buying a CCELL product, look for premium materials and a long-lasting battery life. Ensure you’re buying from a reputable wholesale company that tests their products.

Some companies do not offer non-metal mouthpiece tips. If you’re not a fan of metal, look into wood or ceramic tipped products.

If you’re interested in looking into more, Leafly provides a handy checklist for quality assurance and user preference.

DC Alchemy offers all of the above and more. Their products are made from premium materials, lab tested for quality assurance, less leakage, and customer satisfaction. As the leading wholesaler in the CCELL cartridges, DC Alchemy specializes in working with businesses like yours to provide the best products for your customers. Check them out today.