In the vaping world, you can choose to have one-time use products or you can go the rechargeable/refillable route. There are pros and cons to each and which one you prefer often depends on your lifestyle, what you vape and how often you use it. So why should you choose a one-time use product?

For one, it allows you to experience the latest trends in the market in an inexpensive and non-committal way. DC Alchemy provides next-level hardware and offers premium CCELL cartridges for less leakage without the premium markup. All of their products are laboratory tested and quality assured so you know you’re getting a safe and high-quality vaporizer.

All of their products are one-time use.


A one-time use product is not one draw and done. As the name implies, the products are one time use cartridges. It simply means the vaporizer has a lifespan that once up, cannot be reused. While this may seem like a drawback at first, one-time use products are better for your health and provide a high number of draws.

For one, you will never have to take apart your device to clean it out. Instead, all a user has to do is sanitize mouthpiece to prevent bacteria buildup or spreading illnesses.  A user should never take apart a one-time use device is frowned upon, as it can lead to device malfunctions.

One-time use devices are less expensive than other products. If you want a premium experience for a non-premium price, try DC Alchemy’s CCELL TH205. It is the best atomizer on the market and offers superior performance with high viscosity extracts, clean taste and has the lowest failure/leak rates. The glass housing material prevents corrosion and promotes better flow for your oil.  The mouthpiece is screwed in with a silicon bottom to further protect you from leaks.

The best part? You can get a pack of 2 for under $15, or, for distributors, a pack of 500 for just under $2,000

Most disposable products will get you between 100-200 draws before they run out of distillate.


One-time use products do not have to be disposed of it you notice they are clogged! CCELL cartridges are specifically built to handle high viscosity e-liquids, so cleaning them can be more of a challenge.

Clogging can be a common occurrence, especially if you’re not accustomed to the airflow of CCELLs. Clogging can be caused by intense draws, due to the e-liquid not heating up enough and thickening again in the wrong places.

Be sure you’re clearing your cartridge with your draws. This will keep your CCELL performing optimally and reduce the need to clean it.

If it is clogged, try holding it upside down when you take a draw. This positions the heating element closer to the thickened residue, allowing it to turn into vapor.

If all else fails, try using a lighter or a hair dryer. Simply hold the lit lighter or hair dryer close to the clogged portion of your device to melt the clog. Be careful not to heat it for too long to avoid burns or damaging your CCELL.


It is not recommended to refill these types of pens once your distillate runs out. It may be tempting to do, especially if you consume all of it before your device dies, but this can be wasteful and dangerous if the device is not designed for refills. If you do refill it, you run the risk of wasting your distillate, as your device could die before you run out.

Because you do have to dispose of them, you will be producing more waste than if you used a refillable product. However, refillable products often produce distillate waste, as the user tends to switch flavors often and clean out the tank before their tank is completely empty. With one-time products, the user will typically use all of the distillate they choose before they dispose of the product, thus producing less liquid waste.

Not all distributors offer flavors or oils you like. You will have to do research before purchasing to make sure the corner store around the corner sells what you like. If you have questions about what you can vape with DC Alchemy products, contact them today.


A one-time vaporizer can do just as much as a reusable competitor, especially iif you choose one that can be recharged.

For any vape device, treat it with care and be sure to follow the user manual. Do not keep it in your car or in direct sunlight, as this can overheat the battery and heating element. Avoid high altitude too! The change in air pressure can cause leaks and performance issues. Remember to unscrew the battery whenever you’re not using it to prevent unnecessarily heated oil, leakage or breaking.

DC Alchemy also offers rechargeable products, such as their CCELLl Silo. DC Alchemy also sells 510 replacement batteries, just in case. So if they run out of battery before the lifespan is over, you do not have to throw it away.

The best thing you can do for your vape pen is to stay up to date with the industry. DC Alchemy offers premium next-level hardware at the best prices. Visit their shop today to stay on the latest industry trends.